She Excluded One Friend From A Dinner Because Of Her Food Allergies, And Now Her Entire Friend Group Is Fighting - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This thirty-one-year-old woman has a friend group that always meets for dinner twice a month.

Between six and eight people go every time, depending on everyone’s schedules, and the entire group gets to take turns picking what restaurant they want to try out.

But, last year, one of her friends, Jen, asked if the group could include another woman named Kate. Kate had just moved to their city and knew Jen from college.

So, Jen thought it would be a nice way for Kate to develop friendships and get a taste of the city while being “the new girl in town.”

And it turned out that Kate was extremely sweet and funny and got along with the entire group amazingly.

Nonetheless, Kate also has a really severe seafood allergy and isn’t just allergic to shellfish or fish, either. Instead, Kate cannot eat any seafood at all, or else she will break out in pretty bad hives.

“This hasn’t really been an issue since we live in the Midwest, and there’s not a lot of specialty seafood restaurants near us. There are a few we tried before Kate moved here, but none of them were worth risking Kate’s allergy to go back to,” she recalled.

But that was until a brand new sushi restaurant just opened up in their town about four months ago.

She and her husband tried it out first and were completely blown away by the food. Then, she and her husband went on a double date at the sushi joint, and they fell in love with the food all over again. – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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