She Finally Stood Up To Her Brother-In-Law For Always Degrading Her Husband’s Accomplishments And Income

First, he started bragging about his recent raise and how he finally broke a certain salary threshold. Next, he brought up his wife’s promotion– which will land them even more money per year.

All the while, her husband was super supportive and congratulated his brother. But, she was just waiting for her brother-in-law’s competitive nature to rear its ugly head.

Then it did. More specifically, her brother-in-law looked at her husband and made a snide remark about how “he will get there.”

At that point, her son– who had been playing nearby– must have overheard their conversation because they asked a question. In fact, her son asked if his uncle’s salary was a lot.

Of course, her brother-in-law’s son said, “Yeah, duh,” but she decided to chime in with a “No.”

That prompted her brother-in-law to laugh and claim that she was setting too high of an expectation for her children. And this, coupled with the past twelve years, really set her off.

So, she finally decided to speak up and actually told her brother-in-law that his salary was what she and her husband paid in taxes last year.

Her brother-in-law and his wife immediately went silent, and then her husband tried to just change the topic. But, her brother-in-law would not quit it. Instead, he made a joke about how she needed to get a new accountant.

So finally, she straight up asked her brother-in-law how much he thinks their job titles should pay in taxes and told him that her husband is no longer an entry-level engineer.

“Admittedly, it was not my best moment. But I really disliked him for trying to put down my husband in front of our son,” she recalled.

Anyway, they eventually left her house after that. But then, she received a really angry text from her brother-in-law.

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