She Found Out Her Parents Are Currently Panhandling And Living On The Streets, But She’s Refusing To Take Them In Or Give Them Money

JackF - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

When this thirty-year-old woman was growing up, her childhood was a living hell.

Her parents had her when they were just fifteen years old and were very unfit to raise a child.

However, they never put her up for adoption since her grandparents would sometimes help out.

“And every time CPS was triggered, they suddenly became the best parents in the world and would blackmail me into lying. But, the reality is I lived alone most of the week at eight years old,” she recalled.

By that young age, she was already able to cook and take care of herself; meanwhile, her parents were out traveling, partying, drinking, or fighting.

But, once she reached fifteen, her parents apparently fell in love all over again and started popping out kids like rabbits. Her parents gave her five more siblings, who now range from nine to fifteen years old.

And while she, of course, loved them both then and now, she had to get out of her household as soon as she could. So, once she turned eighteen, she had to leave her siblings behind– which really hurt her heart.

On top of that, she left with practically no financial backing and had to work for everything in her life. But, by the time she turned twenty-four, everything started to come together.

After working her behind off to study and work at the same time, she passed a test that allowed her to secure a high-paying job.

JackF – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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