She Got Her Nephew A Gift For His Birthday Instead Of Giving Money To His Parents, Like They Had Asked, And Her Sister-In-Law Freaked Out

And immediately, this email did not sit right with her. Don’t get me wrong– she totally understands parents asking for experience-based gifts and even the “environmental” and “human” argument behind the increasingly common requests.

Nonetheless, she did not think that was what Hannah was doing. In fact, she believes it was totally bizarre to ask for a deck, of all things, for a child’s first birthday– especially because she is “fairly certain” that Hannah and Dave could have afforded the deck themselves without the fundraiser.

So, she honestly decided to just completely disregard the email and get William a gift anyway.

And she remembered that the last time William was at her house, he totally fell in love with a train table her sons had.

In turn, she bought William a two hundred dollar train table and showed up with it at the party. But, since there was this huge box standing next to a pile of envelopes stuffed with money, Hannah immediately noticed.

Then, Hannah demanded to know who had brought it, and her husband– who is Hannah’s sister– said that they had. And her sister-in-law immediately became kind of snarky.

“I specifically sent an email after getting your test. Did you not read it?” Hannah asked her husband. But, her husband kind of threw her under the bus and told Hannah to take it up with her.

So, Hannah ended up confronting her and claiming to be really frustrated.

Then, Hannah said they were super disappointed in her since they had expected her and her husband to contribute the most money to the deck because she is more well off than other family members.

Still, she held her ground and told Hannah they had just wanted to purchase a gift that was only for William.

But this only made her sister-in-law more furious.

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