She Lost Everything In An Explosion, Including Her Best Friend And Emotional Support Dog

We never suspect that something bad is going to happen in our lives. We just go day to day, trying the best we can to have the life we want. For everyone, that life is just slightly different. For some people, it’s getting married and having kids; to others, it might be their own apartment with a pet and things that bring them joy.

For Andrea, everything went up in smoke. She lost everything in a fire that destroyed her apartment and took the life of her best friend and emotional support animal, Mighty.

The day started off like any other. Andrea had decided to go to the pool to cool off on her birthday. She went home to check on Mighty.

“Be a good boy, baby. Mommy loves you. I’ll be back in a couple of hours!” she said to him.

“I was at the pool, and about 10 minutes later, I heard an alarm. I didn’t think anything of it until I heard people yelling and rushing to my apartment,” she explained.

“I sprinted across the parking lot to find black smoke. Someone opened the door, and I yelled for Mighty, but he did not come. I lost my baby.”

“I burnt my hair, lashes, eyebrows, and fingers. I could hear everyone yelling for me to leave, but I kept trying. I couldn’t save him. My entire world fell apart within seconds.”

At this point in time, Andrea had no insurance due to her new employment missing a deadline. She ended up in the emergency room for smoke inhalation and burns to her hands.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Mighty

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