She Lost Everything In An Explosion, Including Her Best Friend And Emotional Support Dog

Due to losing her prior job several months beforehand, she was in debt for $10,000 credit, and she lost everything. Clothes, furniture, any physical money she had, and Mighty, her best friend. She couldn’t even get into her car and move it because her car keys were inside the apartment when it caught fire.

“The cause of the explosion is unknown, but I’ve heard talk that my AC unit exploded. It has not been cooling as it should. I took it as it was the top floor and poorly insulated when it was set on 61 and wouldn’t get below 77 on hot days,” she continued.

“A grill is talked about; a grill did NOT  start the explosion. Yes, I had a tabletop CHARCOAL grill and a bag of charcoal on the balcony to keep dirty things outside. I had plans to take it to the pool in the evening and grill there. There was no gas involved.”

Her friends and family have been helping her replace things that were lost in the fire. The main thing that she is worried about is that she will have no way to pay any medical bills. She set up a GoFundMe to help alleviate some of the monetary stress.

She added 2 updates to the original posting. On July 12, she said that she was grateful for all the support in such a short time. “Today is the first I’m able to hold full conversations and actually ate a couple of bites of something- first time in 2 and a half days. I wish I could thank everyone individually, and I will in time, but I can’t keep up,” she explained.

She went on to say, “Just so you all know, I plan to purchase my furniture that isn’t generously provided to me by the community from animal friends thrift shop. They have great furniture, and it also is a way of keeping Mighty’s spirit alive. I’m not trying to make gains here, just put my life back together,” she continued.

If I had gone through anything like this, I wouldn’t have had the strength to ask for help. The second update was on July 15. It said that she started work the following Monday; she says she was not ready but that she doesn’t have a choice. She’s still having a hard time mentally about losing Mighty. She wants to have a memorial, but there’s nothing left but videos and pictures on her phone.

You can go to the GoFundMe for Andrea here.

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