She Made Her In-Laws Take In Her Son After They Condoned His Irresponsible Behavior

Rido - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

When this woman was twenty-two years old, she apparently married a thirty-six-year-old “momma’s boy.”

“Yep– money, power imbalance, the full deal. His mother ran our lives,” she recalled.

And once she and her ex-husband had a son together, her mother-in-law only became more overbearing.

Still, she was working as a wet nurse and had grown up in foster care. So, even though her mother-in-law utterly spoiled her ex, she left it alone for a long time. After all, she had always wanted a family.

However, after a while, she realized she was putting up with way too much maltreatment. So, after seven years, she finally divorced him at twenty-nine years old. But, when she left, her son did not want to go with her.

“He liked the life his grandmother could provide. She had everything at her house that a kid could want– including no rules,” she explained.

So, her son remained with her ex and in-laws. But then, when her son turned fifteen, her ex passed away.

At that point, she thought she could possibly get her son away from her mother-in-law. But, her mother-in-law had apparently already “sunk her claws into him.”

In fact, her son claimed that he would run away if she did not let him live with her mother-in-law. In turn, he remained there for a few more years.

Rido – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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