She Mysteriously Got Sick, And It Turns Out There Was Mold In Her Breast Implant

We’ve discovered what may be one of the craziest medical stories we’ve ever heard.

Melissa Lima (@melissalima713) recently went viral on TikTok after telling the story of how she got incredibly ill when something went wrong with her breast implant.

In her video, Melissa explains that she got breast implants in 2002. She was once in a relationship with a major league baseball player and began to feel self-conscious whenever she was on camera with him.

Melissa seemed to feel better about her appearance after she got her implants but fell violently ill in 2010. In her video, you can see pictures of Melissa with an incredibly swollen face.

TikTok; pictured above is Melissa before her implants were removed

She writes that she was dealing with “severe joint pain, depression, and unexplained inflammation.”

Apparently, Melissa had seen tons of doctors and presented them with her symptoms, but not a single one could give her an answer as to what might’ve been going on. She claims that after a while, she simply “gave up.”

Melissa could hardly get out of bed to take care of her sons. She felt so terrible that she wondered if her boys would be better off without her.

This period of illness went on for 10 years until a friend of hers recommended that she looked into breast implant related illness.

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