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She Never Let Her Mom Know That She Got A Full Ride To Attend College, And Now That Her Mom Found Out, She’s Beside Herself

“This is where I was when I applied for college and stuff, and I got the scholarship. I never told my mom.”

“We didn’t talk for months. It was only after I started college last week that she reached out to my grandparents about something, and she found out.”

Her mom was absolutely beside herself when she learned that she is already in college, and her mom couldn’t believe that she would exclude her.

Her mom maintained that she would have wanted to celebrate her getting into college had she known, but she pointed out to her mom that she really wasn’t part of her life at all.

“…Just like she had moved on with her life away from me, I had done the same away from her,” she continued. “She told me it was different, and I was being cruel. Her husband took over and demanded I go to them and discuss everything “as a family” so that my mom could have the life she deserves and have her kid treat her right instead of being selfish and spoiled.”

“I never set out to hurt my mom. But I did stop thinking about her role in my life after I moved out.”

She’s curious if it was mean of her not to tell her mom about getting a full-ride scholarship to college.

Do you think she should have told her mom?

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