She Overheard Her Friend Saying That She Was Planning To Leave Her Boyfriend, So She Told Him

kristinakibler - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This thirty-year-old woman had been close with her two friends, Ruby and Tom, for a while.

The group all met during college and quickly hit it off. Then, Ruby and Tom even started dating during their senior year.

And following college, Ruby and Tom moved in together. Tom plunged into the workforce full-time while Ruby pursued her Master’s degree. Then, Ruby landed a fantastic job which allowed Tom to quit his.

Ruby apparently was not thrilled about this, but they did not make a huge issue about it.

However, Ruby did seem to change following her graduation.

“Ruby and I were best friends. But afterward, she became boring. While Tom and I would have a drink or two in their garden, she would study or work, and we drifted apart,” she recalled.

Plus, Ruby has somehow been even more distanced lately. Whenever she visits Tom and Ruby’s home, Ruby never even tries to join the hangout. In fact, Ruby barely even acknowledges her or Tom’s existence.

So, she tried to bring up her concerns about Ruby to Tom. For some reason, though, Tom did not seem worried. Instead, he found solace in the fact that Ruby doesn’t bother him anymore while he plays video games.

In turn, she was forced to let her concerns go for a while. But that all changed last weekend after she saw Ruby at a bar.

kristinakibler – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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