She Picked Going To Her Son’s Ex-Girlfriend’s College Graduation Instead Of Going To His Ceremony

Not wanting to leave this girl without a roof over her head, she informed her son that he had to tell his ex that she was still allowed to move in with them.

Well, his ex did move in, and he moved out to live with his dad because he couldn’t handle being around her. This all went down 4 to 5 years ago, and her son’s ex has since moved out of her house, but she has stayed in this girl’s life.

She did her best to be there for her son’s ex anytime that she needed her. Not that long ago, her son’s ex said she is graduating from college and would like her to come.

“However, when my son later brought up his graduation, I found out it was on the same day,” she said. “I explained that I wouldn’t be attending because (she) had no one else showing up to her graduation. He didn’t know I was in contact with (her), and I think that just added to how upset he was.”

“I tried to explain; he would have his dad, step-mom, aunt, step-siblings, and 2 sets of grandparents show up and should try and picture things from her perspective. I couldn’t get him to understand, even though I had also already promised to take him to dinner where ever he wanted (with as many other relatives as he wanted to attend) the day after.”

“Even though that was a while ago, he still hasn’t forgiven me. I’ve tried talking to him, but our relationship has never been the same.”

She’s left wondering if it really was so wrong of her to pick going to her son’s ex-girlfriend’s graduation over going to her son’s graduation. Do you think so?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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