She Pretty Much Tricked Her Sister Into Applying For Medical School, And Her Whole Family Is Angry At Her Even Though This Was Always Her Sister’s Dream

Look! - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman has a sister who is incredibly talented and wonderful. Her sister always said that she would like to be a doctor when they were growing up.

Her sister got into a prestigious college, and she maintained a 4.00 GPA throughout the years she went there.

After graduation, her parents pressured her sister into helping them with the family business related to real estate development.

Her sister agreed to help, but then her parents keep increasing the demands they put on her sister.

Her parents expected so much “help” in the business that her sister had no choice but to abandon studying for the MCAT.

It’s now been a year since her sister graduated from college and got sucked into the family business.

“…I saw that she was going nowhere,” she explained. “So, I decided to help her out by telling her that I wanted to be a doctor and would like her to help me study for the MCAT.”

“My sister, of course, being the sweetheart that she is, decided to help me study. I started telling her how nervous I was and how I wish she could take it with me. She told me she couldn’t because she needed to help my parents first.”

“So I started fake crying and acting depressed. She took pity on me and decided to take the exam with me. Moving forward, we both took the test. She got an amazing score of 525.”

Look! – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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