She Promised Two Coworkers A Ride Home, But Later Kicked Them Out Of Her Car After They Were Really Disrespectful

“Well, low and behold, she spilled the beer all over my front seat and carpet. And at that point, I was already annoyed, but I figured I could always send her the bill for getting the car cleaned,” she explained.

Still, even after looking past that accident, the girls kept pissing her off. At one point, they even whipped out a pack of cigarettes, and she told them smoking was definitely not allowed in the car because she could not stand the smell of smoke.

But, one girl apparently just rolled their eyes, told her to relax and “be cool,” and that it would only be a little smoke. Then, the girl pressed her and said, “What are you gonna do? Take it from me? You’re driving,” before lighting up the cigarette.

So, at that moment, she had enough and quickly pulled the car over. Then, she demanded that the girls get out. At that point in the drive, they were on a country road that was about fifteen minutes from their house. But, she really did not care anymore and told the girls to get lost.

Still, they both refused and even started making fun of her for being a killjoy. So, she literally got out of the car, ripped the back doors open, and screamed at them to get out. And she felt totally justified in this decision after feeling disrespected and mocked the entire ride. But, the next morning, she woke up to an onslaught of angry texts and calls.

Apparently, her boss basically reamed her out for leaving two girls “in the middle of nowhere” where they could have gotten hurt. So, after that backlash, she has been feeling pretty torn. She is not sure if the girls’ behavior warranted her leaving them there, or if she was overtired and overreacted.

What would you have done in her situation? Do you think she had a right to leave the girls or not? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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