She Said No To Picking Up Her Ex-Husband’s Daughter, Who Was Sick At School, And Now He Is Furious

Irina Schmidt - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman had two sons, who are ten and eleven years old, before she and her ex-husband got divorced about five years ago.

She rightfully decided they needed to split up after she learned her ex had cheated on her. And, either right before her ex confessed or right after, he even got his mistress pregnant.

“Our divorce was not an easy one. He wanted to stay ‘friends,’ but I could not look at him after what he did,” she recalled.

“We had been together for over thirteen years, and he was also a friend before he was my boyfriend/husband. So to have him betray me like that was awful.”

Then, after they got divorced, her ex even ended up marrying the woman he had an affair with. They went on to have their daughter within only a few months of the divorce and their marriage.

Unfortunately, though, he and his new wife did lose a baby last year, which led to the difficult discovery that his new wife had cancer.

And what came after that was just a whole lot of fighting between her and her ex. He wanted her to help him and his new wife out with their two children– who are now five and three years old– while they navigated the cancer treatments.

He claimed that the kids needed family beyond just him and his new wife– especially because his own family disowned him after the affair, and his new wife had no family at all.

“I told him it would be over my dead body if I help him,” she understandably explained.

Irina Schmidt – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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