She Said No To Picking Up Her Ex-Husband’s Daughter, Who Was Sick At School, And Now He Is Furious

So, she was completely blindsided after learning that her ex told his daughter’s school to contact her when his daughter got sick last week.

Apparently, her ex was at work at the time and unable to leave his shift because he had already missed a lot of work due to his new wife’s chemotherapy.

Plus, his new wife was at home resting following her chemo.

But, she did not know any of this at the time. So, once she got the call and was asked to pick up the daughter, she simply said no.

“Then, several hours later, I got reamed out on the phone by him for leaving his sick child at school when I knew they had nobody. This was also when he told me he could not leave [work] and how his wife was resting,” she said.

She ended up telling her ex that his son’s babysitter should have been the first point of contact– not her.

Her ex had another excuse for that one, though, too, and claimed that his son had been at daycare– not left with a babysitter.

Then, he had the nerve to say she should be ashamed of herself for not helping a sick child who is going through a lot right now. He even said he hoped that their two sons were ashamed of her as their mom.

She is not worried about what her sons think of her, though. Instead, she has just been left pondering her decision.

Part of her does feel bad for her ex’s daughter, who is just a child stuck in the middle.

Plus, her sons did sense that something was “off” in the air after she spoke to their father– which also does not sit right with her.

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