She Told Her Sister There Was Nothing In The World That Would Ever Make Her A Bridesmaid

Then, following that incident, the bizarre accusations continued for months.

She was called a bully by her sister and parents and accused of pushing her sister away and breaking promises.

But, none of it was ever true. She was just busy with school and began participating in extracurricular activities. And she still did spend time with her sister– it just was not as much time as before.

Plus, if you were wondering if she ever confronted her sister about the lies, she did. Her sister said she would not stop getting her in trouble, though, because she should not get to ditch her for her friends. Yikes!

After that confrontation, she understandably began viewing her relationship with her sister in a very bitter light, and they continued to argue anywhere and everywhere.

However, even though everything continued to build up, one specific instance in high school totally pushed her over the edge.

Apparently, when she was seventeen, and her sister was sixteen, her sister went to the principal’s office and claimed she had cheated on a test. Moreover, her sister claimed she even admitted it while at home.

And, of course, her parents were called, and an entire investigation was launched by the school.

Thankfully, though, she was eventually cleared by the administration and not punished for cheating.

Nonetheless, even the mere allegation really impacted her life– because she was forced to miss out on a great school opportunity while being investigated, and her parents still believed her sister even afterward.

So, after that, she simply could never come to forgive her sister. And her sister apparently never gave up her vendetta, either.

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