She Took Beach Chairs That Had Been Left Untouched In Her Hotel’s Hallway For 3 Days And Got Accused Of Stealing

She ended up just taking the beach chairs since she was not traveling with any children who could use the toys and boogie boards.

And for a split second, she considered leaving a note behind detailing her beach chair grab. But, she did not and later came to regret that massive mistake.

On the last day of her trip, she and her friend packed up their belongings and called a bellhop to help them bring their luggage and stacked up beach chairs to the car.

Then, after she ran down to retrieve the car to the parking lot, she returned to find a furious man standing beside her stuff.

He apparently began aggressively pointing his finger before saying, “Your friend said you found these chairs? Tell the truth, don’t lie.”

She was taken aback and told the man that she did “find them,” which only made him angrier.

“You LIAR! These chairs were in front of my room, and you STOLE them from me!” he screamed.

She immediately began apologizing and trying to explain that she thought all of the items had been abandoned.

Nonetheless, he refused to hear her out and claimed she was lucky he did not press charges.

At that point, she was utterly mortified and ended up just tipping the bellhop before getting into her car.

And as she drove away, she nearly broke down into tears.

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