She Wore A Sage Green Dress To A Wedding And The Bride Accused Her Of Stealing All The Spotlight

prostooleh - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This girl is 17-years-old and recently attended a wedding for her father’s friend’s daughter. And apparently, the bride’s only rule was that all girls should wear modest and simple-colored dresses and makeup.

“That request was okay with me since it was her event,” she said.

So, come the day of the wedding, she opted to wear a satin sage dress that was very pretty but not revealing. And as for her makeup, she just threw on some shimmery eyeshadow with a transparent lip gloss.

She honestly thought that the outfit totally abided by the bride’s rules. But unfortunately, the bride supposedly did not think so at all.

In fact, during the event, the mother of the bride even pulled her aside and asked to speak to her alone. So immediately, she knew that something was up since the mother was not asking to speak to her father.

Anyway, she ended up being awkwardly led to the bride’s dressing room, and when she walked in, the bride totally freaked out on her.

“The bride starting to berate me for wearing the dress– saying I was too flashy and I was stealing her spotlight,” she recalled.

Then, the bride actually told her she only had two options– change into a random black dress and remove her makeup or leave the wedding altogether.

But the black dress was double her size, and she did not want to keep pulling it up the entire evening. On top of that, she knew that her parents would be confused and endlessly question what had happened to the other gorgeous sage dress she got.

prostooleh – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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