She’s Furious With Her Friend For Letting Her Daughter Sit On A Horse While Babysitting

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When this woman was eight years old, an unprovoked horse attacked and nearly killed her. She even ended up needing to be hospitalized.

So now, at the age of twenty-nine, she has been left with a “phobia” of horses.

“I put phobia in quotation marks because phobias are irrational fears, and I don’t think my fear is irrational. But, everyone else in my life keeps calling it a phobia,” she explained.

Anyway, her best friend, Eliza, is her polar opposite. In high school, Eliza was apparently a “horse girl” and now even owns some horses herself.

And despite their close-knit friendship, she refuses to interact with Eliza’s horses.

Instead, she just tries to respect their difference of interests and talk about other topics.

Now, though, her four-year-old daughter, Tanya, has gotten involved– and the friends’ “agree to disagree” balance was totally disrupted.

It all began last week when she asked Eliza to babysit Tanya. She and her partner had plans to go to her cousin’s child-free wedding, so bringing Tanya along was really not an option.

So thankfully, Eliza agreed, and she even paid Eliza extra to get some takeout.

BestPhotoStudio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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