She’s Refusing To Give Her Mom’s Wedding Dress And Ring To Her Step-Siblings

IVASHstudio - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

An eighteen-year-old woman recently got into a seriously heated fight with her two twin step-siblings, Carly and Carl.

They are twenty-nine years old and, because they are twins, decided to get married on the same day– January 20, 2023.

And just last week, they all of a sudden went to her and began demanding some of her mother’s items.

Apparently, Carly wanted to take her mother’s wedding dress; meanwhile, Carl wanted her mother’s wedding ring.

“But since I was a kid, I loved my mom’s wedding ring since it was the only thing left from my real father. He died before I was born,” she explained.

Plus, her mother sadly passed away just two years ago. But, beforehand, her mother promised her both the ring and wedding dress for her own marriage one day.

And Carly knew about this– because apparently, a week before Carly and Carl confronted her, she told Carly about her future wedding plans with the dress and ring.

“Afterward, she was quiet, told me she had something to do, and left. I shrugged it off as nothing,” she recalled.

But, it has become clear that Carly wanted to figure out how to get at least one of the items for herself– because one week later, she was called into the living room by her stepfather, Carly, and Carl.

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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