She’s Refusing To Give Her Mom’s Wedding Dress And Ring To Her Step-Siblings

Apparently, both of the twins claimed that they deserved the ring and wedding dress because they wanted pieces from their mother on their big day, too.

Still, though, she refused and reiterated that her mother promised them to her. And this made Carly totally flip out, start crying, and begin claiming she was ruining both of their weddings.

However, nothing shocked her more than what her stepfather did next.

“If you won’t listen, you have to leave the house. They were also your mother’s children, and they would love to have her with them,” he said.

She was completely taken aback by this but still refused to hand over the items. So, she ultimately left her home and was even kicked out of the wedding.

Plus, ever since then, her entire family has been calling her nonstop about the ordeal. Apparently, they also believe she is being completely selfish and that it is immature for her to take a promise made during her childhood so seriously.

In turn, she has been left feeling pretty guilty about the entire situation since she knows that Carly and Carl did really love her mom. Still, though, she does not want to give up the last remnants of both her father and mother and is totally lost about what to do.

If you were in her shoes, would you hand over the wedding dress and ring? How could the siblings make a compromise in this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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