This 8-Year-Old Dog Named Elliot Is About To Go Through His Third Round Of Cancer Treatment

The next round of cancer came back in 2020; smaller tumors grew throughout his body, with a larger baseball-sized one on his armpit. They were removed in 2021 in one big surgery.

“I was having intrusive thoughts that he was too old to handle another surgery; I felt cruel making him go through it again,” she continues.

“But as he is full of surprises, Elliot bounced back to himself a record 2 days after surgery!”

After going through 2 rounds of cancer treatment, you would hope that Elliot had beat cancer and he’d be able to live the rest of his life basking in the sun and playing to his heart’s content without having to go through the treatment again.

“Here we are in 2022, and Elliot is now 8 years old! He recently had swelling in his back leg, which turned out to be a dissecting tumor — essentially meaning that the tumor is growing between the two muscles in his back leg,” Rachel explains.

“This surgery is going to be more complicated than his last two, which were surface tumors, because they’ll need to peel back a layer of muscle, remove the tumor, and reattach the muscle after.”

Cancer treatment for humans is expensive, and the same can be said for our canine and feline friends. Just like people, Elliot has had a lot of medical bills over his 8-years of life for cancer treatment, broken bones, bones lodged in his throat, and several other things.

At this point, Rachel has taken on a lot of debt, making sure her boy has the best life he can.

Rachel isn’t one to ask for help, but it does sometimes take a village to care for oneself and one’s pet.

I can relate to Rachel; I tend to feel like a burden if I ever ask for help, so I often take on everything myself. She has taken a big step in asking for help with Elliot’s 3rd round of cancer treatment.

“This round of surgery and treatment is going to be a lot more expensive than the last because of how complicated the area the tumor is growing,” she concludes.

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