This Crockpot Beer Cheese Recipe Is Guaranteed To Be A Touchdown On Gameday

You do want to make sure to stir the mixture well every once in a while, though. Finally, thirty minutes before you plan to serve the beer cheese, toss in the heavy whipping cream and stir.

Then, once you are ready to munch away, you can garnish with the chopped green onions and the rest of the chopped bacon.

This gooey beer cheese is actually to die for and can be paired with any of your favorite dippable treats. But, you may want to take Macy’s advice and just go with some soft pretzel bites to start.

“Warning, this stuff is so addicting,” she added. Macy’s recipe has already captured tons of fan appeal on TikTok– garnering eight hundred and fifty thousand views and gaining over fifty-seven thousand likes.

“I can’t wait to try this!” commented one user.

“Obsessed,” wrote a second.

“Yummy!! Looks so good!” said a third.

So, if you want to be next Sunday’s game day champion, you cannot go wrong with this recipe. And to follow along with Macy while she creates the beer cheese, you can watch her original recipe video linked here.

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