This Man Went Viral On TikTok After He Pranked His Girlfriend With A Fake Proposal, So She Got Revenge The Next Day

Earlier this month, one man on TikTok went ultra-viral after performing an utterly cruel prank on his girlfriend.

He meticulously set up what appears to be a romantic proposal in their apartment. And when his girlfriend walked through the front door, you could see the shock and joy beaming from her smile.

She was first greeted with scattered rose petals and balloons all over her living room floor. Then, she was met with a red ribbon and instructed to cut it with a scissor he provided.

And after crossing through the “finish line” of sorts, she was handed a dozen red roses.

Finally, he told her to close her eyes and led her into another room. While her eyes were squinted shut, she might have been imagining a “Will you marry me?” sign right in front of her or her boyfriend, preparing to get down on one knee.

Sadly though, once she opened her eyes, all she saw was their completely trashed kitchen that her boyfriend wanted her to clean up.

Understandably, she promptly threw the roses in her boyfriend’s face before storming out of the room. I mean, who wouldn’t?

The brutal prank has since garnered over 60.5 million views, gained 3.1 million likes, and spurred over fifty thousand comments on TikTok. And people all over the world were pissed at the boyfriend.

TikTok; pictured above his girlfriend walks into the prank

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