This Man Went Viral On TikTok After He Pranked His Girlfriend With A Fake Proposal, So She Got Revenge The Next Day

“I would have broken up with him instantly,” commented one user.

“With all of that effort he put into tricking her, he could have just washed the dang dishes,” pointed out a second user.

“Lucky you took the scissors back,” joked a third.

The day after the terrible proposal prank, though, the girlfriend did get back at her boyfriend. She created a hilarious compilation of “day after” gags that detail all of the ways her boyfriend is not married.

First, she dumped a massive bucket of water on him while he was sleeping and wrote, “Not waking up married.”

Then, she made herself a delicious-looking lunch and served him an empty plate with a note on top. The message read, “Not married!!”

She also refused to do his laundry and sleep in bed with him by leaving similar notes in his hamper and on her own pillow.

And the TikTok community totally approved of her payback.

“Appropriate response,” commented one user.

“A strong woman. You earned our respect,” wrote a second.

“That’s what happened when you wanna do your girl like that!” joked a third.

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