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While On Vacation With Her Boyfriend, His Ex Sent Him A Message Saying She’s Moving To Their City And She’s Thinking This Girl Might Be Trying To Steal Him From Her

She got cut off right after they both had compared the scores they got on the GRE. She knew this girl was envious that she did better, and that’s the reason why their friendship ended so abruptly.

Well, she knows the other contributing factor had to be that this girl felt she “threatened her relationship.”

So after this girl stopped being friends with her, she felt awful. She really believed that they were friends, and it really did take her years to get over her hurt.

2 years after her boyfriend dumped this girl, she got with him, and they have been with one another for the last 3 years.

After the breakup, this girl sent her boyfriend a couple of messages to check on how he was doing, and he would reply and also message her too, however they have not spoken since 2019.

She and her boyfriend live in Washington, and they are on vacation right now. Her boyfriend’s ex just messaged him stating that she knew they were away (and she has no clue how this girl knows this) before saying she landed a new job as the director of a homeless shelter right where they live.

This girl sent the message to her boyfriend through LinkedIn, which she found strange, and her boyfriend agreed.

Her boyfriend did let her see all of the messages, which made her feel a small bit better, but she’s still worried that this girl is out to steal him from her.

“Hers were a lot longer, talking about how she has started her own social work initiative NGO and also found a job in the PNW because the mountains and trees call to her, which is a very my-SO thing to say, so I believe she was trying to connect with him emotionally,” she said about the messages this girl sent to her boyfriend.

“The way she talks is very flowery and emotionally powerful. She is a good speaker and writer. She also mentioned it being hard to meet people.”

In response, her boyfriend sent her a very short message back, and that was it on his end.

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