10 Red Flags On Someone’s Dating App Profile You Need To Recognize

All of these can be true from time to time – but more often than not, if they have no profile picture or if the profile picture is a meme or random image – they are probably either catfishing or have something to hide. So do yourself a favor and move on from them.

Red Flag #2: Saying They Don’t “Like Drama.”

Have you ever heard someone say they are drama free or don’t do drama? What usually happens – is the opposite. Most people who claim to want nothing to do with drama are usually the center of tons of it.

In the dating app scene, this holds true often. So, if you see a dating app profile that says anything like:

-“No drama zone.”

-“I don’t deal with drama.”

-“I’m drama free, so don’t bring any drama around me.”

It is a facade – swipe away and move on.

Red Flag #3: They Have Children In Their Profile.

Now this one is controversial. On the one hand, if you have kids, you should probably say up front that you have children. But, on the other hand, there is an argument to be made for disclosing you have kids without posting pics of them on your profile.

This is because it is easy for pedophiles and other creeps to get ahold of these pictures and additional public information for nefarious purposes.

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