A Guy Invited Her Out To A Bar On A Date, But Then He Ended Up Bringing His Child With Him Too

Going on a first date often comes with some nerves. But what if going on a first date also came with…a child? It’s even worse if this date is in connection with a celebrity. As bizarre as it may sound, this is what happened to TikTok creator Drew Sarai, @drewsarai, when she went out on a date.

This date happened upon her in an unexpected way when she was walking to her car one evening.

“I’m going up the street, and I’m walking,” she said. “And I see this man in like a black Escalade.”

Thinking nothing of it, she keeps walking in the direction that she was going, even as he turned the corner to pass her.

“As I see him, he has his window rolled down,” she explained. “He drives past me, I turn around, and he has his like head out the window, checking to see if I’m going to look back at him.”

Seeing as she was looking at him, Drew said that he turned his car around to come back to talk to her.

He completely got out of his car to ask who she was and if he could have her number. She gives her number to him then and there, which leads to a further conversation over text that day.

“So we’re texting,” Drew added. “And he tells me he wants to take me to dinner that night, like right away.”

TikTok; pictured above is Drew in her video

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