A Guy Invited Her Out To A Bar On A Date, But Then He Ended Up Bringing His Child With Him Too

When she couldn’t meet immediately when he asked, they made plans to meet up later at night, which is where it begins to get interesting. The first thing he did was inform her that he has a son who has an early bedtime.

“So I’m thinking we’ll just hang out after he puts his son to bed,” she continued.

Instead, he asks her to go out to a restaurant for dinner. But he didn’t put his son to bed before coming out to dinner.

“I pull up, I park my car, and I hear a honk behind me,” Drew said. “As I get out, I see him get out with his kid.” 

On a first date at a bar, this man decided to bring his child with him instead of putting him to bed first and coming out on his own.

“We go to dinner with the kid at a bar,” Drew emphasized word by word in her video. “So I’ve just met this man, now I’ve met his kid, and I’m like getting red flags everywhere.”

But the story doesn’t end there. What could be more surprising than what Drew has already gone through? Perhaps it’s discovering who her date works for.

“It gets better,” she stated. “Because he’s Cardi B’s bodyguard! And I found that out at dinner!”

To make matters worse, her date decided to take a group photo of Drew, his son, and himself all at dinner together on what was supposed to be a first date.

If that wasn’t enough to put her off the date, his behavior continued to get weirder as the night went on. While they spent more time together after the dinner at his house, she knew it was an immediate no when he began acting suspiciously as she was leaving.

“He goes, ‘I just need a hug,'” she said. “Then he pulls away from me, and he goes, ‘you’re going to f*** this all up. You’re going to f*** this up. I just knew I would like you way more than you like me.'”

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