After Her Friend Made A Demeaning Comment About Someone Else’s Achievements, She Told Her That Her Success Was Just Built On Privileged Handouts

Anyway, Ellie has since gone on to become a pediatrician, and she is proud of her friend despite all of the help she received. After all, she is a veterinarian herself and knows that medical school is no walk in the park.

However, after she and Ellie went out together a few weeks ago, she ended up needing to put Ellie in her place.

It all began when they arrived at a town event and bumped into some old friends from high school. And while chatting, one of their old peers proudly shared how she had just finished nursing school.

Then, after she and Ellie walked away, Ellie apparently made a really insulting comment about her friend.

“I bet she was just too dumb to go to medical school,” Ellie said before droning on and on about how great they are.

This struck a chord with her, and she told Ellie that her comment was very rude and uncalled for. Still, though, Ellie did not get it.

In fact, Ellie actually just claimed it “was the truth.” So, she snapped and finally spoke her mind.

“I told Ellie, ‘You only became a doctor by getting handouts. You don’t get to make comments about other people,'” she said.

And after that, Ellie apparently freaked out on her. First, she got accused of being a jerk for undermining Ellie’s hard work. Then, Ellie claimed that she still had to work to get to where she is now.

But, she made sure to let Ellie know that yes, while her “work” might have been challenging, it was nothing compared to the students who did not have their tuition and living expenses completely covered.

Despite that, though, Ellie never seemed to understand her point. Instead, she just kept getting accused of being ignorant and a jerk.

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