After Her Mom Passed Away From Cancer, She Started Writing Letters To Children Battling Cancer And Other Severe Illnesses

Thus, her organization, Letters of Love, was born. Students in the club would make cards, art, friendship bracelet, and other comforting items to send to patients at their local hospital.

“My main goal with Letters of Love is for each and every child battling an illness to know that they are so very loved, important, and have a whole team fighting right along with them,” explains Grace.

“Letters of Love is a non-profit organization with the goal of bridging the gap between children inside and outside of the hospital.”

Since its beginnings, Letters of Love has grown into a much larger operation to bring joy to others. There are now 25 official Letters of Love clubs in schools across the country, with 1,000 active members working around the world. Amazingly, Letters of Love has provided loving goodies to over 60,000 patients in various children’s hospitals.

Letters of Love is on a mission to keep completing charitable projects for people all around the world. One of their goals is to receive enough funding to print and publish a children’s book about acts of kindness. Those who are interested in donating to Letters of Love can visit their GoFundMe page.

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