Another Little Girl Took Her Daughter’s Dress At A Play Session, So She Asked For It Back, And The Girl’s Mom Was Not Happy

kaloriya - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This mom recently took her two-year-old daughter to a local play cafe, and for the big outing, her daughter wanted to wear a sparkly fairy dress.

At the play cafe, though, there is apparently a costume box that all of the kids can use to play dress up. So, as soon as she and her daughter got there, her daughter wanted to join the other kids and play with the costume box.

Of course, that meant she needed to take her daughter’s dress off first– which was not a problem since her daughter had been wearing other base layers underneath.

And afterward, she just draped the original fairy dress over a chair at the table where they were sitting.

Anyway, she and her daughter ended up leaving the table to go play for a while before returning back to their table to eat.

And after they sat down again, her daughter literally burst into tears before pointing at another girl– who was maybe four years old– wearing the sparkly fairy dress.

Obviously, there had just been some sort of mix-up, and the other little girl must have gone up to their table and taken the dress, thinking it was a part of the costume box.

“It’s no big deal. Kids are always rummaging through other people’s bags,” she explained.

“Her mom was also having coffee and chatting with another mom. So obviously, she hadn’t noticed her take it and then just assumed it was from the dressing-up box.”

kaloriya – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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