Apparently, The Person Who Owns The Car That Princess Diana Sadly Passed Away In Would Like It Back

Jean-Francois intends to display the vehicle in a United States museum to “honor Diana” if he gets it back.

However, the Mirror writes that the royal family has indicated in the past that they would prefer for it to be “disposed of discreetly.”

The current location of the vehicle is unclear. The Mirror writes that in 2017, the car was being kept in a shipping container within a police car compound outside of Paris.

When reporters from the Mirror went to check it out, a worker told them it was no longer there and that they would have to ask the Mayor of Paris where it was. They could not get an answer from the Mayor’s office.

The car is the center of many conspiracies regarding how exactly Diana died. Many believe it was just an accident, that the driver was driving recklessly, and some think that it was more of an assassination. Nonetheless, it is still completely heartbreaking.

When asked what he would do on the 25th anniversary of Diana’s death, Jean-Francois told the Mirror that he would spend it outside of Paris, in a different part of France.

“It’s a sad day,” he said.

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