During Day Three Of Lucy Letby’s Murder Trial, The Court Learned Lucy Allegedly Smiled At A Child’s Mother After Her Fourth Attempt To Kill A Baby Girl Was Successful

The thirty-two-year-old UK nurse Lucy Letby is facing twenty-two charges after allegedly murdering seven babies– five boys and two girls– as well as attempting to murder an additional ten babies.

The tragic instances of harm and death all occurred between June 2015 and June 2016 when Lucy worked in Countess of Chester Hospital’s neonatal care unit.

A 2017 investigation into the mysterious events led investigators to name Lucy as their prime suspect since she had been on shift during each tragedy.

So, she was arrested three separate times before formally being charged and remanded in custody back in 2020.

And now, as of October 10, Lucy’s trial is officially underway. Today, October 12, marks the third day of Lucy’s trial– in which the prosecution has continued its opening statement.

For privacy purposes, all of the children will be referred to as letters A through Q throughout the trial. 

A Play-By-Play Of Trial Day Three – October 12, 2022

Today, the murder trial of Lucy Letby began at about 5:30 a.m. EST. The prosecution, led by Nick Johnson KC, resumed its opening statement with a detailed account of two instances involving Child H.

Facebook; pictured above is Lucy

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