He Cut His Oldest Daughter Off After She Sold Her Bedroom In His House To His Younger Daughter

But, ever since Penny left about two months ago, her room has remained totally unoccupied. So, he began to wonder why Dina had not taken it yet.

And while he and Dina were cleaning up Penny’s old room before some friends visited, he decided to broach the topic. He suggested that Dina take Penny’s room, and then they could use Dina’s old room as a simpler guest room.

However, Dina’s response to that totally caught him off guard.

“Oh, I will get it next week. I paid for everything already,” Dina said.

He was obviously confused and asked what the heck she was talking about. But then, he learned that Penny had apparently charged Dina for a bedroom in his house and said he was okay with it.

Moreover, Dina apparently had to pay three and a half times more than the allowance that Penny was already given each month.

This seriously pissed him off for various reasons. First of all, Penny does not live at his house anymore and has no right to sell rooms she does not own.

And more importantly, Dina had worked hard at her part-time jobs to grow a decent savings. So now, it has all been blown on Penny’s room.

And this situation actually infuriated him so much that he decided to call Penny about it. But, even though he tried to keep his cool, he ended up basically just freaking out.

What really pushed him over the edge was when Penny claimed that Dina getting her old room would somehow affect her.

More specifically, Penny believes she will be missing out on a “good room” during her once-a-month visits or if she decides to move back home in the future.

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