He Surprised This 100-Year-Old Veteran By Inviting Him To A Day At Disneyland And It’s The Sweetest Video We Have Ever Seen

We just found one of the sweetest videos we’ve ever seen, and it’s guaranteed to make your day.

Isaiah Garza (@isaiahgarza) is a TikTok content creator who specializes in random acts of kindness. In his TikTok bio, he writes that he used to be homeless. But now that he’s back on his feet, he dedicates his time to “changing lives.”

Isaiah is often doing his best to help homeless people on the street, gifting them supplies that they need along with generous cash donations. His videos are always a tear-jerker.

In a recent video, he did something special for someone that truly wasn’t expecting it.

Isaiah stopped an elderly man on a walk in the park and approached him.

“Sorry to bother you,” Isaiah told the man. “I’ve had a really, really rough day. I just wanted to see if you’d be willing to go to Disneyland with me today?”

The elderly man was shocked.

“You really would take me?” he asked Isaiah before agreeing to the fun trip to Disneyland.

TikTok; pictured above is the elderly man that Isaiah asked to got to Disneyland with him

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