He Told His Children’s Half-Sister That She Cannot Call Him Dad, And Now His Ex Is Upset With Him

At first, he figured that Eva had just mixed up her words and asked, “What was that, Eva?” But she got a bit flustered before asking a question he had never expected.

“Oh, sorry, I mean to ask if I can call you that now?” Eva asked.

He was totally caught off guard and just told Eva that he would prefer to be called by his name. And, of course, Eva seemed a bit sad, but he figured that everyone would just move forward.

Well, that was not the case– because Josie actually called him a real jerk for telling Eva she was not allowed to call him dad.

Apparently, Josie believes that it’s not a big deal and that it’s not like she is asking him to provide child support or anything. So, Josie believes he should just take Eva wanting to call him “dad” as a compliment and feel flattered.

Still, though, the whole thing just does not sit right with him. Plus, he is afraid of Eva having any future expectations after he is solidified as “dad” in her mind.

Regardless, Josie’s words have stuck with him. So now, he has been left wondering if declining to let Eva call him dad was the wrong thing to do.

Do you think he made the right decision? Could calling him “dad” lead Eva to be confused in the future? How would you have handled this situation? 

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