He Wants To Sell His House To Deal With The Grief Of Losing His Wife, But That Also Means He Will Have To Kick Out His In-Laws

Wollwerth Imagery - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual house

Two years ago, this man’s wife was sadly diagnosed with cancer. And even after she fought like hell to survive, he still ended up losing his wife about six months ago.

During their marriage, they never had kids together since they were both super focused on their careers. So, in his wife’s final days, she just wanted to spend time with her parents.

The problem, though, was that her parents lived across the United States. But, since their house had plenty of room and he just wanted to make his wife happy, he decided to move her parents into their home.

However, both of his wife’s parents had already retired by that point and were not exactly swimming in cash. So they were unable to pay for any living expenses. And honestly, he did not even want to ask them to.

“There was enough stress in our lives already, and none of us had wanted to add financial issues to that. They helped with groceries from time to time, but we never asked for more than that,” he recalled.

Anyway, his wife has since passed away, and for the past six months, he has been left dealing with a ton of grief– much of which he believes is tied to their house.

After all, they bought the house together, and it is obviously filled with so many memories. He detailed how he often just breaks down after seeing or remembering the tiniest of things.

On top of dealing with the grief, he is also still living with his in-laws– who, to his knowledge, had no plans of moving out anytime soon.

But, in order to move on, he began contemplating one major decision over the last month– selling the house and trying to start fresh away from so many emotional triggers.

Wollwerth Imagery – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual house

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