He Wants To Sell His House To Deal With The Grief Of Losing His Wife, But That Also Means He Will Have To Kick Out His In-Laws

And as he thought about this idea more and more, it became apparent that it would probably be the best thing he could do for himself. So, a few weeks ago, he found a realtor and learned more about his options, and ever since then, he has been pretty set on selling his house.

Of course, though, this would ultimately force his in-laws to figure out their own arrangements. And when he brought his decision up to them this past weekend, the conversation went far from well.

In fact, he got accused of trying to “erase” the life that he and his wife built within the walls of their home. His in-laws also claimed that he just wanted them out of his life now that his wife was dead and tried to make him feel guilty by saying he would be making them homeless.

Honestly, he could sympathize with his in-law’s fear and anger. But regardless of that, he just does not think they are entitled to sway his decision.

“This is not their house nor their decision. I am simply wanting to move on from the lowest point of my life,” he explained.

“I do not want to erase anything that my wife and I built together. But I also don’t think I can continue living in this house. It’s just too heartbreaking, and I don’t like crying every time a memory gets triggered.”

In turn, he ended up telling his in-laws that they were free to remain living in his home until it was sold. However, he also advised them to begin making their own arrangements for afterward.

It was at that point, though, that her father-in-law offered up a different idea. His father-in-law asked if they could rent the house from him to continue living there and keep it in the family.

He was open to the idea, too, and entertained the conversation. But, after he eventually told his in-laws the amount of rent money he would need monthly, his in-laws actually scoffed at him. Then, they tried to call him out for “capitalizing on their grief” and going against what his wife– their daughter– would have wanted.

So now, ever since that heated discussion, the house has been filled with tension, and neither his mother-in-law nor father-in-law will speak to him.

This does not make him happy in the slightest, and he wishes that he did not have to put his in-laws in a bad situation. But, he just does not think he is responsible for his in-law’s feelings and believes it is best to take care of himself right now.

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