He Was Starved, Neglected, And Left Inside Of A House That Had No Heat In The Middle Of Winter: After She Rescued Him, She Was Forced To Give Him Back To His Family

This is abominable to any animal lover. However, the argument for returning him to the previous owners stands solely on the ground that an animal is property, just like any other possession. In the words of the man’s lawyer, according to Sophia:

“It doesn’t matter what the dog’s best interests are. The law is the law. He is a piece of property, and that property needs to be returned to its owner.”

Sophia hasn’t stopped fighting. This can’t go horrible problem can’t go unchanged. This is why Sophia has started a petition on to get Kano back.

“We are fighting for Kano and all of the animals suffering because of this unjust and inhumane legal status so that this tragedy doesn’t repeat itself,” she explained. “We are beginning a petition to have Congress sign into law Kano’s Law so that a pet’s best interests are considered during a custody determination hearing.”

The petition asks for pets to be deemed independent units, not property, and to therefore be considered justly in legal manners.

They are a part of our families and should be treated as such. Read more about the proposed legislation, Kano’s Law, here. Help Sophia get her beloved pet back by signing the petition here.

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