Her Best Friend Dropped Out As Maid Of Honor And Then Proceeded To Badmouth Her To All Her Wedding Guests, So She Called Her Out For Being An Awful Friend

In fact, she even gave Anna the option of staying in the bridal party and getting her any accommodations she needed.

Still, though, Anna ultimately gave up her spot in the bridal party at that point and said she would prefer to just attend as a guest.

“And I told Anna it was no problem; it was fine. Whatever made them happy. In the meantime, I took Anna to their appointments, and they came to my dress fittings,” she explained.

However, amidst helping out Anna, she was still left without a maid of honor. So, she ended up asking another good friend to take the role, they were thrilled, and everything seemed to be working out perfectly.

Well, that was until her actual wedding day came. First of all, Anna showed up wearing her maid of honor gown– which, in hindsight, was totally disrespectful.

Despite that, though, she gave Anna the benefit of the doubt and figured that she just felt beautiful in the original dress. So, she never even brought up having any problem with Anna’s outfit.

Instead, the real issue came after the wedding when she found out that Anna badmouthed her the entire time.

“Anna proceeded to tell everyone that I had kicked her out of the wedding because I was jealous of her pregnancy and did not want a ‘fat girl’ in my wedding photos,” she said. What the heck, Anna!

She never even found out about what her “best friend” was saying until afterward, either. Apparently, no one wanted to ruin her wedding day with petty drama.

So, she had to actually hear Anna’s comments about how horrible and jealous she supposedly was in the background of five wedding videos. Yikes.

And if you could not have guessed it, she was totally blindsided. She had no clue what she had done to Anna to deserve that. In turn, she ended up tracking Anna down and asking her what her problem was.

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