Her Dad Forced Her To Give Her Stepsister A Necklace That Was Really Special To Her, So She Stole It Back

She wasn’t willing to part with such a special necklace, so her dad threatened to take her phone from her as well as take money from her to pay for her sister to buy that same necklace.

She had no choice but to give her stepsister her grandmother’s necklace, and as soon as she did, she went right over to her mom’s house. That night, she called her cousin Daniel to let him know about what had happened, and he suggested that they break into her dad’s house that night to take back the necklace.

“I thought it was a fabulous idea,” she said. “So at about 11:30 pm that night, we drove over to his house and entered through the back door to which I have a key. We snuck through the house to my stepsister’s room and took it back.”

“The next morning, I received a call from my dad asking what I thought I was doing breaking into the house so late at night (I totally forgot he had one of those doorbells that records, and it videoed us walking around the side of the house). He demanded I give the necklace back.”

She replied that he treats her terribly and that she won’t be giving back a necklace that is rightfully hers, as her grandmother did will it to her. Since that phone call, she has not said a word to her dad, but her stepmom Elizabeth has had a lot to say to her.

Elizabeth has been texting her some nasty things and saying that she made her stepsister so upset by taking back the necklace.

Her dad has also been calling Daniel’s mom (her dad’s sister) to say that she’s a bad mom. She did choose to ask her mom to weigh in on the situation, and her mom believes she was within her rights to steal back the necklace, though her mom thinks she should not have broken into the house at night to get it.

She really doesn’t see how she did anything wrong here, but she still wants to be sure. Do you think she had every right to take the necklace back after her dad forced her to give it to her stepsister?

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