Her Friend Always Goes After Guys Who Are Not Single, And It’s Making Her Lose All Respect For Her Friend

zea_lenanet - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old girl has a friend the same age as her named Monica, and they have been close for the last 4 years now.

She instantly liked Monica as soon as she met her, though she does know that Monica is pretty impolite, she always figured that was just part of Monica’s personality.

“Around 2 years back, she was in a situationship with one of our mutual friends even though she knew he had a girlfriend for 2 years,” she explained about Monica.

Monica and this guy friend of theirs started exchanging steamy texts, and as soon as things got physical between them, this guy ghosted Monica completely.

But then, this guy popped back up into Monica’s life, and he went right back to having a physical relationship with her even though he still had a girlfriend.

Monica claimed to feel uneasy about the whole situation, but she never did anything about it. All she did was continue meeting up with this guy and sleeping with him, and Monica is still doing this 2 years after the fact.

“I started disliking her after this incident, but surprisingly I was the only person in our group who was against this relationship; all our other mutual friends told her to enjoy this feeling and that it’s not her mistake; it’s his,” she said.

“Then, a year later, a new guy in our group kissed her when we were drunk. His GF is our friend too, and they’d been doing stuff behind her back for a long time. I kept telling her not to meet him, but she said she has feelings for him.”

Monica wound up booking a hotel room with this guy, and as soon as he slept with her, he ghosted her just like the first guy had.

zea_lenanet – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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