Her Friend Tried To Pressure Her Into Switching Her Daughter To A New Teacher

oksix - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

For some parents, the start of the school year for their children can be a really exciting time. However, one woman is proving that not all parents are thrilled with their children’s school situation.

This woman has a 5-year-old daughter who just started the first grade. Her daughter has a good friend at school who is also in first grade but is in another teacher’s class. However, the friend’s mother is not at all pleased with her daughter’s classroom placement.

“A few days into the start of school, my friend complained to the principal that she wants her kid taken out of the classroom she was assigned because the teacher was too young and didn’t have kids,” she explained.

Her friend thinks that because the teacher is a young 24-year-old woman and doesn’t have any kids means that she is not qualified to teach. There weren’t even any complaints about her teaching abilities!

The principal initially refused since the kids are placed in classrooms in a very specific way in accordance with their homerooms.

Then, he said that he would only take the woman’s daughter out of her current class if she could switch places with a first grader in a different class. This is how she got involved.

This woman called her and “demanded” that their daughters switch places. When she asked her daughter if she’d want to switch classes, she said no. Her daughter had already made a bunch of new friends and didn’t want to leave them.

When she called back the other mother and told her no, her reaction was very heated. Apparently, she was ranting and raving about how her child deserved a proper education and wasn’t going to get one with her current teacher.

The mother’s wrath didn’t end there. This mother had the audacity to show up at the school the next day to tell all of the teachers and the principal that she had agreed to let their kids switch classrooms.

oksix – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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