Her Friends Wanted To Bring A Guy On Their Trip To Vegas, So She Backed Out, But Now They Still Want Her To Pay For Their Hotel Room

Despite all of the reassuring, though, she ended up not being able to get over the fact that a stranger would be sharing a bedroom with her. So, she decided to tell Becky and Anna that she would no longer be attending the trip.

“If Anna’s boyfriend was in another room, I would not mind. But I don’t want to be sleeping a few feet away from him in a city I have never been to,” she explained.

Apparently, that was not a good enough reason to cancel, though– because, after that, Becky and Anna actually stopped speaking to her altogether.

Then, they went on the trip as planned– just without her. She saw photos of the vacation that Becky and Anna had posted on social media, and it reportedly looked fun. So, she was just glad that her friends had a good time after the debacle. As soon as her friends returned home, though, Becky actually showed up at her office and made some pretty ridiculous demands.

Becky tried to say that she still owed money for the hotel room that they had booked. Apparently, they had all decided to still split the room four ways– even though they knew she was not going.

She was understandably shocked and told Becky that it would be totally unfair for her to pay since she obviously did not go on the trip. She also told Becky that the original plan had always been to split the hotel room three ways. So, by not going, she was not costing Becky or Anna any additional money.

But then, Becky made sure to remind her that their dad was a lawyer before leaving her office. So now, she is getting pretty worried and is not sure if she has a right not to pay or if she should just fork over the money to avoid any further conflict.

Can you believe that Becky and Anna took a new guy along on their trip instead of her? Why do you think they are still trying to get her to pay? If you were in her shoes, how would you handle this situation? 

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