Her Husband Confessed To Her That He Hates Their Life After Having A Baby, And He Feels That She’s No Longer His Wife But Just A Mom

She knows their life has changed significantly since they welcomed their daughter into the world, but she would not change a thing.

“My husband, however, has been miserable for a while,” she explained. “I knew he was dealing with some unhappiness and stress, but I didn’t know the severity until today.”

“He’s been complimenting me a lot on how I’m an amazing mother, which he’s never really said before, and he always talks about how much he adores our daughter, so I thought maybe he was getting more used to our new life… then he hit me with it: “I don’t have a wife anymore. You’re just a mom.” Then he said that he hates our life and feels like our daughter and I “speak a secret language,” and he’s miserable being around us.”

She questioned her husband on if he could give her an example of what he meant, and he stated that when they had gone out for a walk with their daughter that day, she had been talking to their daughter about colors and trees, which annoyed him because he didn’t get why it was important.

She doesn’t give a crap about the trees, but she was just trying to connect with her little girl.

Her husband then revealed to her that he doesn’t like that she’s not impulsive any longer, and that made her feel terrible because she does make an effort to put together date nights for them.

She suggested that they could do more things together, but he complained that he hates doing things with their daughter because it’s not a good time.

She felt lost as to how to make her husband feel better, as it’s not possible for them to drop everything, and decided to go out with a few hours notice, as they do have a baby who they cannot leave home alone.

She can see that her husband absolutely regrets having a child, and he also is resentful of her for changing and no longer being the woman she was before she had a child.

“And I asked him what I can do to make him happy again, and all he could say was that he didn’t know, but he was miserable and hated his life,” she said.

“I told him to get out then, and he did. He’s supposedly just driving around right now, and I am putting our daughter to bed (like always), and I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

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