Her Husband Constantly Puts Her Down And Says His Best Friend’s Wife, Who Is 17 Years Younger Than Her, Is Perfect In Comparison

Radarani - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 40-year-old woman is currently married to her 41-year-old husband, and they recently celebrated 8 years of marriage.

They first got together when they were in their junior year of college, and after graduation, they decided to make the move to San Francisco.

Her husband majored in computer science, and he dreamed of working for a big tech company. She majored in English as well as anthropology, and although she knows her career of choice was never going to bring in the big bucks, she was proud that she could pay for all of her own bills while contributing to their rent.

When they were younger, her husband never once put her down or made her feel bad about what she wanted to achieve.

He also never tried to make her feel bad about how much money he contributed to their household vs. how much she contributed.

Over the years, her husband has climbed the corporate ladder, and then he got offered a position as a co-founder of a startup. She encouraged him to take that opportunity, even though it meant blowing through all of the money they had saved and moving into a tiny little apartment.

People around them thought that her husband made a bad career move, and she watched as her husband was turned down by tons of potential investors.

Things got pretty rough, and she and her husband decided to wait to get married and have children since he wasn’t in a good financial position.

But then, the business really began doing well, and her husband proposed to her. He then asked her to sign a prenup, and she had no problem doing so.

Radarani – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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