Her Husband Constantly Puts Her Down And Says His Best Friend’s Wife, Who Is 17 Years Younger Than Her, Is Perfect In Comparison

She figured that she would always be able to have her own job and her own money. She then got pregnant with their daughter, who is now 4, and before she gave birth, she and her husband moved to Tennessee for his company.

When they welcomed their daughter, her husband began to act differently. He was meeting people high up in the business world. He was starting to pick up new hobbies like golf and riding horses.

He started striking up friendships with men who lived in the fast lane and who were basically rude about a lot of things.

“Around that time, his cofounder, and probably the friend he spends the most time with, before and now, decided he was sick of having short-term relationships and decided to get married this year,” she explained.

“His wife is 23 years old to his 40 (almost 41), and one month after having their son, she was back in a bikini looking better than she did pre-baby. Let’s just call her Anna. Anna stopped working when she began dating his friend and basically posts about how much she admires her husband every day.”

“She also fights a lot of his battles for him, basically arguing with others on his behalf when her husband feels slighted and will blast these arguments out on social media. Whenever we socialize with them, I always catch him looking at them with a wistful look in his eyes before looking at me with a lot of scorn and resentment.”

In the last year, her husband has been staying out late, coming home drunk, and kind of vanishing on her.

He has been constantly putting her down and making her feel bad about her job and the minimal amount of money that she earns.

He asks her why she can’t be just like Anna, who has made her husband her entire life. He also has said to her that if he leaves her, she will get nothing because of their prenup, and he also insists his single friends are living a far better life than he is.

“He has gone from an average build to working out all the time and decided to get botox and veneers he didn’t need,” she said.

“He encouraged me to get fillers and botox to stop my eyebrows from raising, saying even if I get too much, it is better than wrinkles and will wear off. He got mad when I didn’t, saying Anna knows a good doctor, works out every day, and got a tummy tuck.”

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