Her Husband Has Made A Habit Of Drinking Alone With Her Younger Sister And She’s Beginning To Get Suspicious

bnenin - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 27-year-old woman has a 29-year-old husband, and they both moved in with her family about a year ago.

Before she even married her husband, she was one of his best friends, and so her family had always liked him prior to there being any romantic interest between them.

After she and her husband moved into her family’s house, her husband began chatting more with her little sisters, who are 18 and 25.

She fully supported her husband in having a relationship with her sisters, especially since she really can’t be home a lot at night as she works night shifts.

She was concerned about her husband feeling uncomfortable with her family while she was at work, and so that was a driving factor in her encouraging her husband to have his own relationship with her sisters.

“About 2 months ago, my husband, who normally doesn’t drink (even when we go out), bought a pack of alcohol and was drinking with my youngest sister,” she explained.

“I was home that night but was kind of thrown off guard because he didn’t ask if I wanted to drink, and it was just the 2 of them. I didn’t say anything then because I didn’t think much of it…. Until it happened again, this time when I wasn’t home.”

When she did realize that the entire pack of alcohol was gone, she questioned her 25-year-old sister regarding whether she had been drinking them.

Her sister replied that she had not had any of those to drink, so she went to her husband and littlest sister next.

bnenin – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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