Her Husband Is Furious Because She Keeps Buying Flowers For Herself

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Showing yourself little acts of love and care can be a great way to boost your mood without depending on loved ones. Plus, going to get a manicure, doing a facial, or even just buying a bouquet of flowers doesn’t harm anyone, right?

Well, this fifty-three-year-old woman thought so, too, but her husband strongly disagreed.

This bizarre bouquet debacle all stems back to the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, she had to go into her work office every single weekday. And since the world was ravaged by so much darkness, she decided to splurge on a pick-me-up.

“I got into the habit of buying myself inexpensive grocery store flowers about twice a month to brighten up my desk,” she recalled.

But then, about a year ago, her positive act of self-love got seriously misconstrued by her husband. In fact, he claimed that he hated how she bought herself flowers because, apparently, he should be the one buying her flowers.

And honestly, she thought he was just joking when he said that. So, she told her husband that he could always go out of his way and buy her a bouquet. Then, she left the issue at that.

This past week, though, the flower fight came to a serious head. It all began after she bought another bouquet to put on her desk at work– but this time, she was seriously impressed with her choice of stems and arranging skills.

Plus, since it was a long weekend, she decided to bring the floral arrangement home to keep on enjoying it.

After she placed the bouquet in her home and went to have dinner with her husband, though, he was far from pleased.

moodboard – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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